I’m all for doing a good deed, but…

…am I too cynical when I feel like asking why the deed’s been done?

A Christian group will once again camp out in front of City Hall and offer to pay off up to $10,000 dollars in parking tickets for any passersby.

Organizers say the Dec. 12 event is an example of how easy it is to receive God’s grace.

We’ll pay your parking ticket, but you have to give your soul to Jesus or burn in hell.

What a deal.

The Grace Gift Parable giveaway was first held in 2004, when Treasure Valley church leaders doled out nearly $7,500 to delinquent parkers, including one woman who arrived with more than a dozen tickets.

Montie Ralstin, Jr., the pastor at Boise Valley Christian Communion, says the event is to help people understand that even though they’ve made mistakes, forgiveness is available.

So they can’t do it just to be nice in a hectic festive season. They’re doing it to prove they’re holier and more virtuous than anyone else, yes?

I wonder how much of that “nearly $7500” went to that one woman’s inability to watch a clock. I wonder if her habits have improved or if she still hangs onto all of them every year on the hopes that this gang will pay them again. I wonder if others have done the same.

Forgiveness is all well and good, but are they really helping people solve a money problem? No. This might boost church attendance, but it’ll take more than a “thank you Jesus” to make these delinquents better time and money managers.

I’ve never had a parking ticket in my life. I’ve never had a speeding ticket. I’m too law abiding to disregard speed limits and meter readers. I don’t credit a deity for my ability to bring enough change and/or leave earlier, either. And, I’d rather overpay a meter than get a fine for underpaying, you know? Why more people don’t think that way is beyond me.

The $10,000 for this year’s event was donated by area businesses and the Christian Churches of the Treasure Valley.

How much of the ten grand is coming from business coffers? Are they getting credit for the good deed as well, or will Treasure Valley act as if all the money is theirs, look how saintly we are to give this all away.. ?

Next year, how’s about people agree to follow the laws of the land, as well as laws of the gods, eh?

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4 Responses to I’m all for doing a good deed, but…

  1. Dr. Jim says:

    Parking tickets? Well that’s a MAJOR humanitarian issue now solved, isn’t it? Businesses of “Treasure Valley” that about sums it up too.

    I wonder if those donations were tax deductible! A publicity stunt for Christian businesses if there ever was one.

  2. Rushhumble says:

    One Minion, You have the coolest header i’ve seen in wordpress.com blogdom. It says so much while being ingeniously minimal. Look me up at http://2bites.com/2009/12/03/the-harm-that-they-do/. I think I’ve got something that would be of interest to you.
    Sincerely, Rushhumble

  3. 1minionsopinion says:

    You mean my follow the herd thing? I took that one morning while the cows were on their way somewhere. I think the one at the back was in the process of taking a leak or something, hence the “making my mark” comment…

    I’ve been meaning to fix that, actually. The shrink process wordpress used fuzzied the letters a little. I put them on the original image with my photo edit program. Ah well.

  4. rushhumble says:

    Keep it. Like I said, it’s genius.

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