A question of Scruples – sexy time edition (Valentine’s Day, natch)

Pulling from the ’90s edition for these two relationship scenarios:

From your window you notice a couple in a nearby apartment making love. Later, when you see them on the street, do you suggest they draw their blinds?

Fuck me.. like I could even look them in the eye after that. Probably total strangers, too, since city life does tend to result in not knowing one’s neighbours very well even if you do recognize them when you see them. I’m reminded of Friends now and their Ugly Naked Guy neighbour..

I don’t watch a lot of television/film so I don’t know how common a trope it is to put characters in a situation where they can see other people (friends or strangers) in .. um.. fabric free situations. I don’t know how common it is in real life, either…

…so I googled “seeing people have sex through window” and found a news story from February 2018 via the Mirror:

A shameless couple were caught on camera having sex in a hotel window – in full view of shocked onlookers in a pub on the opposite side of the road.

The amorous pair apparently got a little bit carried away and forgot to shut their curtains, unwittingly putting on a raunchy show for the amused customers.

Drinkers shouted words of encouragement, as well as cheering and clapping for the oblivious couple.

The couple, who appeared to be staying on the first floor of the hotel, were watched and filmed not only by the women in the pub across the street, but also by witnesses standing below at street level.

Okay, so it does happen sometimes.

Getting back to the original question, sex is natural and if it’s all happening between consenting adults, go to town on each other. Have fun. Hopefully I can close my blinds, or go to a different room because I don’t want to watch it happening. But I’d still be embarrassed to see them dressed on the street the next day.

Next question:

You just learned that your fiancĂ©(e) slept with an “entertainer” at the stag. The wedding is on Saturday and hundreds are invited. Do you cancel it?

As a history side note, the hubs opted to have a small firepit gathering with the few friends he wanted to hang out with before we got hitched and I wound up crashing the “party” after a couple hours because the nearest library closed. I was also his ride home.

I don’t know why people mess around before a wedding, let alone after. Why do they think that’s okay? Or, they know it’s not okay but don’t give a shit about their soon-to-be spouse? Why are you wasting money getting married then? I don’t get it. If your head turns to every cutie bootie, maybe think about why. What do you really want? If you can’t keep it in your pants, why should your significant other put up with you?

The hubs and I are working our way through Mike and Molly. We’ve just started season five and (how old does a show have to be before spoilers…stop reading if you don’t want to know that) Carl and Victoria are coupled up in a cute way but Victoria confessed to her sister, Molly, that she slept with an ex recently in order to get a pair of expensive sunglasses back. Molly tries to keep this a secret from Mike who works with Carl, with little success. In the end, Victoria tries to confess what she did but Carl loves her so much he doesn’t even let her try to explain or apologize for anything. He refuses to want to know what it is that she wants to tell him. I’m curious to see if he sticks to that way of thinking, in all honesty. Good man if so; Victoria was feeling horrible guilt over it because she loves Carl, too.

Okay, so TV show, yes, but okay, forgiveness and trust would play in.. I don’t know how I’d react if I found out there’d been some business on the side. I don’t know if I’d turn the other cheek on it or be horribly hurt and scrap the whole relationship because of one (I hope) indiscretion. What would I want if the situation were reversed? I’d want a second chance, I think. Maybe one stain shouldn’t mar everything else.

Sheesh.. hell.. I don’t know..

And this is a game they sold for entertainment.. here I am having a crisis of conscience over it…

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