“I died for you” billboard okay, but in Texas atheist signs…

An anonymous man paid for a giant Jesus billboard in Texas but did contact KRGV about the reasons why:

The billboard displays the message “Live for me, I died for you.” It stands tall by Expressway 83 in Donna. The man behind says he did it to touch people’s lives. He wants people to recognize that there is a God and that based on conditions we live in now, we need outside help.

“I believe that it’s time we bring back God into our homes, into our hearts, into our communities.” said the man.

He described the thousand dollar sign as his contribution to the Valley. Above all he wants the message to inspire change.

It seems to me that there’s no lack of God in Texas. God Blessed Texas but chose to punish them by letting Obama win. And they’ve got a big problem with anything they consider anti-Christian, including facts of history. And atheists have been denied the right to hold office there and have created controversies they’ve tried advertising.

Personally, I think the thousand dollars would have been better spent at a library. Or a food bank. A woman’s shelter. Pet food for the SPCA. Anything but more Christian advertising.

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  1. Pauly says:

    Just because someone doesn’t believe in something, doesn’t make it not so. God loves you. He created you. He died for you. He wants nothing more than for us to know Hi . We need Him but He gives us freedom to choose.

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