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Just how much is “some” of 1.4 million dollars?

I know NASCAR is heavily Christian-oriented so it’s not overly surprising to learn that this year’s winner of the Daytona 500, Trevor Bayne, praised Jesus for the win. He came away with $1.4 million and no doubt offers to throw … Continue reading

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Some toys not good enough for Salvation Army

And by good, I mean that there are actually toys considered too evil for that charity to pass along to children wanting presents Christmas morning. Apparently anything to do with Harry Potter or the Twilight series has to be “disposed … Continue reading

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Religions aside, it’s all for a good cause…

Couple different stories – one away, one local. Praise bands got together for a food fundraiser recently in the Mississippi Valley. “It’s important, helping all of the people who are not as fortunate as we are,” Jacob Canty, 15, of … Continue reading

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While it’s great to see Wal-Mart topping charts for charitable donations

and they do, as evidenced by USA Today’s handy graphs, what those graphs don’t do is break down how much is given by Wal-Mart corporate and how much is given by Wal-mart customers and staff. There are always paper flags … Continue reading

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I’m all for doing a good deed, but…

…am I too cynical when I feel like asking why the deed’s been done? A Christian group will once again camp out in front of City Hall and offer to pay off up to $10,000 dollars in parking tickets for … Continue reading

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When deciding to help the poor and downtrodden…

…do it for them. Not for yourself, so you can feel heroic. Not for your wife so she can brag to her bridge club. Not for your parents or someone you admire that thinks you ought to. Do it because … Continue reading

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Pastor swims for African kids so they don’t have to

What Mike Solberg swam was the English Channel, hoping to raise money for African kids in need of a decent school. The editor or proofreader of this piece better look into attending it: Thought I’d better preserve that before someone … Continue reading

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