Question of atheist scruples – journalism edition

What a time to be around, eh? Trump? Acosta? Brexit? Ford? Emails? What’s news these days without some kind of craptacular scoop just waiting to be reported on? A great time for journalism — at least in some countries

Anyway, another card from my ’90s edition of A Question of Scruples. I never have played the game as originally intended…

You are a journalist. On the Mayor’s secretary’s desk, you notice a document that proves civic corruption. No one is looking. Do you steal it?

Good grief.

I don’t know.

Old news out of British Columbia – the downside of using Facebook as my main source for news. Already biased by my liberal tendencies, American sites plus severely limited to cats, lasers and atheist topics — potential tampering of Metro Vancouver’s recent civil elections. From Oct 15, 2018:

The Wen Zhou Friendship Society did not answer calls or emails Friday, but the Richmond News reported the society had asked members to vote for certain candidates and offered a $20 “transportation subsidy.” A volunteer with the society told the Richmond News they had rescinded the offer after discovering it was illegal.

Vote for these dudes/dudettes and we’ll pay your Uber bill… hmm. I presume if I were a journalist I’d have a better handle on what’s legal and illegal in terms of methods by which to get votes and thus recognize someone screwing the system.

It was interesting reading about the recent American midterms and all the voting problems going on down there, I must say. So many things getting in the way of people being able to record their wants for their states and country at large.

I have little interest in politics generally but, being Canadian, we’re inundated with America’s problems while likely ignorant of our own — I just did the questionnaire on that I Side With thing. Fourth place finish was communism and I’m not even mad.

I fell off the journalism thing. To finish, it’s a career I closed the door on back in grade nine during our career fair because I really had no interest in pursuing a story and putting myself in the spotlight in the process. I’m much more a behind the scenes kind of person. I don’t know if I’d steal mail/documents for a story, no matter how good a story. I suppose it’d depend one what kind of paper/media I was working at, though, too, and what they’d expect a reporter to do to get to the bottom of a story. Corruption isn’t something to let slide, that’s for sure, and if it was evidence proving for sure that there were mob ties or some damned thing, then it’s worth the risk to report it, I’m sure. But maybe not a risk I’d want to be taking, myself.

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