Still not in the mood for blogging but sometimes I miss it

October 20, 2015

I used to get up at 5;30 in the morning (or earlier) and spend a solid two hours looking up news and blogs to write posts about that I could prep to drop across the course of the day. I still get up at 5:30 but I use the time to read Facebook or catch up on news of everything else and then I eat some breakfast and relax with coffee for a while before I go upstairs to kiss my Sweetie good-bye and head for work.

I’m still loosely affiliated with my local Centre for Inquiry group and attend their banned book club meetings and other meets as and when schedules allow but otherwise I’m not even into armchair activism these days. I’m just existing.

But, if you stumble onto this blog and poke around, there’s still relevant stuff to read about and you can comment if you want to, but I can’t guarantee I’ll notice it.


Are you missing 1minion?

March 23, 2015

I was missing 1minion, too, but I’ve decided for now that, instead of updating this particular atheistish blog, I’m going to focus on some fiction projects. I got this really awesome set of dice on the weekend called Rory’s Story Cubes and they are the shit.

I’ve done several short stories already with them used as a method and guide. I’m feeling really creative and brilliant.

Do you want to read those stories until I’m in the mood to update here again? Sure you do!

Thanks! Enjoy! Comment! Offer advice! I’m sure I amuse commas… er.. abuse commas…

So, how’s everyone?

February 23, 2015

Not an update, per se, but a note that yes, I still think about this place any time a news article piques my interest but it never results in a post getting created. I certainly could make time, but I haven’t been…

Yeah, I haven’t written in a while..

November 14, 2014

Hibernation mode engaged. I still wake up at 5:30 or so every morning but now that it’s dark until nearly 9am, I have less desire to be up and cogitating. I’m so lazy right now.

The blog is still of interest, though, it really is, and I still read whatever I find about topics I’d typically cover but writing is a low priority next to life, family, and general getting through the day. I’ve never been BIG as it were. My interest has always been hobby level and fun. Sorry if you were expecting more out of me than that on a daily basis.

That level of blogging takes time, dedication, and a stamina I just don’t have right now.

Sounds of Sunday – Sibylle Baier

October 26, 2014

This album has gotten a lot of listens lately. Really lovely.

Friday Night Frights (One Minion bathes in Baron Blood!)

October 24, 2014

Still in writing break mode. Have another silly movie post from years ago. I’m lazy…

One Minion's Opinion

stega 1

“I don’t know what to think of this project Minion’s taken on. Is she in need mental aid?” the Stegosaurus wondered. “After last week’s crazy Aussie innkeeper killers, I think I’d rather be deaf than listen to more ham acting. No offense.”

“None could possibly be taken,” Cow replied, feeling pained. “Ham comes from pigs.”

cow 1

Minion always came home from work with several DVDs and Cow was tired of hearing Stegosaurus grumble about the quality of them. She didn’t like Minion’s taste in entertainment either, but it did no good to complain. And besides, what could they do about it anyway? They were squeaky toys Minion picked up at a Dollar store for goodness’ sake.

“So, what is it this time?” asked Stegasaurus.

“Why do you even ask me?” Cow replied, testily. “You know I can’t read.”

“Yeah, yeah, sorry,” Stegosaurus said without a hint of sincerity. “You know…

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Friday Night Frights (One Minion and the return of Frankenstein)

October 21, 2014

Lacking time: here’s another fun one from ages ago. The movies I sat through to provide readers with entertainment…

One Minion's Opinion

The intrepid explorers stood there, unsure what to do next.

“Durrrrrr!” the thing mumbled.

Floyd’s tail twitched nervously. “Did you hear that?”

“Of course I did!” Lloyd blinked his eyes, hardly able to believe what he was seeing. “How can a bodiless head do that?”

The little Frog Scouts bounced on Floyd’s back and Lloyd marveled over how keen and excited they seemed. This was surely worth the long trek to the top of the futon, a hike none of them were keen or excited to start.

“I wonder what it’s doing up here,” said Floyd.

Lloyd remained silent, watching the thing. The thing’s eyes stared into the distance. What was it thinking? Was it capable of thinking of anything?*

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