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Where was I?

Hey, how’s Covid-19 treating you? I’m fine. I’m working from home with my library stuff and that’s not too bad a thing. Our reopening plan is as yet unknown but it’s part of “phase 4” for the province which is … Continue reading

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A question of Scruples – sexy time edition (Valentine’s Day, natch)

Pulling from the ’90s edition for these two relationship scenarios: From your window you notice a couple in a nearby apartment making love. Later, when you see them on the street, do you suggest they draw their blinds? Fuck me.. … Continue reading

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Question of atheist scruples – journalism edition

What a time to be around, eh? Trump? Acosta? Brexit? Ford? Emails? What’s news these days without some kind of craptacular scoop just waiting to be reported on? A great time for journalism — at least in some countries… Anyway, … Continue reading

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A question of atheist scruples – affairs of the heart

Been a while, but I’m snagging a question from my ’90s edition of the game: You are very attracted to someone who is happily married. You have no attachments. Do you explore the possibilities? Only in my fantasies. I wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Storytime: Where the were?

Taking advantage of a creative moment here, more Rory Story Cube fun. O’Hare shivered naked in the chill of the moonlit winter night, but not for long. His body soon stretched and twisted with familiar agony as his arms and … Continue reading

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I’m bored, and I had some beer, so let’s do a story

Sure. I just got a new set of Rory Story Cubes, the action series. Let’s see what they can do. I split my sets into two small bags for self limiting reasons (also because I’m too lazy to buy a … Continue reading

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Story time – the haunted house

Got a writing compliment at work today.. wasn’t for this story, but I like this story — date in my notebook is Feb 2016, and I still throw stories into it as I get creative. The house had been boarded … Continue reading

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Not a damned thing. Just never get around to adding more content…

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A Question of Atheist Scruples – kids and their friends

Apologies for blur; too lazy to find the card again and reshoot. Your 10-year-old son’s best friend is neglected by his single parent. Your house has become his second home. Do you ask his parent to assume more responsibility? It … Continue reading

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Storytime- page 1

In an effort to be more creative, I’m pulling out my Rory’s Storycubes. No guarantees on story quality, but I’m going to roll a few cubes and see what happens in my brain for idea sparks as I roll each … Continue reading

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