Hello! I’m…

on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/1minionsopinion/

40ish.. I’m not counting anymore until my husband catches up.

Female – this will become apparent.

Canadian – this will be obvious.

Atheist – this is worth mentioning to avoid confusion.

Geeky – this is to be expected. Weird – this can’t be helped.

Learned – I earned a B.A. in Sociology yet paid a lot for it.

Witty – at least, I think so.

Snarky – things annoy me. Such is life.

Inept – I’m not high-tech.

Bookish – Literacy rocks and don’t let anyone tell you different!

Musical – life without music is a rainbow without red. (read: impossible.) To get in touch (no bad touching!) opinionminion@gmail.com

15 Responses to Hello! I’m…

  1. Paul Sims says:

    Hey there – thanks for the mention in the Jewel of Medina post (and the comment on our blog). I like your blog – you’ve got some good stuff on there. I’ve put a link to you on our blogroll (down the side of our blog). Would you link to our blog on your Required Reading list? (Hope it’s not to presumptuous to assume you like our blog!)

    Best wishes

    Paul Sims, New Humanist

  2. Matt says:

    Hey, just wanted to say Happy Bday

  3. 1minionsopinion says:

    Hi! Thanks! Hello! I don’t know if I want to be this old!

  4. Hey –
    Love your blog – just bookmarked you, and will be back. And you are SO not that old! What I would do to have the mental years I have now with the physical energy that was jamming along at 35 (12 years ago).


  5. etalaseilmu says:

    I hope, someday you will find the truth, brother….

  6. 1minionsopinion says:

    I’m a girl, and the truth doesn’t have to be found so much as it needs to be understood. The truth is, humanity shouldn’t need gods anymore, so why do people still run around thinking gods are with us? I think that’s far more fascinating than any edicts supposedly brought down from a mountaintop to control superstitious goat herders.

  7. George W. says:

    Great blog,
    I’m just starting out with my own blog after lurking on the internet for the past few years. I came here via the “Your Thoughts” post over at Dan’s blog.
    I figure the least I could do is offer up some blogger crack (a.k.a. a comment).
    I’m Canadian too. North Bay, ON.
    I really love your Lit List segment, although I curse you for giving me more books for my ever expanding reading list.
    Just a question, do you honestly get e-mails about guys penises or is that just the Terry Pratchett wit rubbing off on you?
    Anyhow, you’re now on my blogroll, I love a good Canadian blog.

  8. 1minionsopinion says:

    Oh sweet. Yeah, I crave the comments. Feel free to drop them anywhere your eyes wander!

    No, I actually have a friend on the internet who thought it’d be worthwhile to send me a full body picture of himself without any clothes on. And while there was nothing worth complaining about, the size of the photo dragged my internet connection down something awful as it downloaded. But really, no. I can see a penis anytime I like now. I don’t need any mailed to me.

  9. jeff says:

    I’d look to begin a cordial correspondence who likes to discuss issues first before knowing them. the mind is key to my crusade. thanks and peace

    anyone is welcome

  10. 1minionsopinion says:

    I’ve edited your comments into one comment, which you might have noticed. No real reason why except I felt like it.

    It hasn’t been my intent to ignore you completely, I’ve just been preoccupied. My email address is listed above so feel free to explain your crusade that way and we can discuss whatever you want in addition.

  11. Roy says:

    I think you do a great job but the picture at the top of this page
    looks nothing like you !! You are cute. RP

  12. Kaylie Keith says:

    what is your name??

  13. 1minionsopinion says:

    1minion’s all I go by around here. Not completely anonymous, of course. IRL friends read this blog on occasion. I just like to be a puppet character with fake horns and a tail.

  14. James Verner says:

    Hi! The guy’s article on the wonders of Dawkins would make my day if only this guy, who wrote the comment above, and I don’t have to meet knowledgeable people like Craig. The God Delusion is great since kids such as my nephew and thousands of others got foxed into believing Dawkins knew what he was talking about. However, since my friend here–this guy who made the comment– and I know Dawkins made sufficient mistakes to leak all the water from a bucket, we don’t want to pretend to follow Dawkins in public. His “theology” stinks to academics like “this guy” and me. Tell your friends that you can’t win if you are loosin” James

  15. Sarah says:

    As for the hollow earth theory, I believe in this instance it has been used as a cover story if you realize that.

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