Question of Atheist Scruples — Celebrity-ish amnesia

Christ, I’ll have to edit this card for current stars or else younger audience readers won’t have a clue what the point is. Do you know who Tom Selleck is? Well, he’s been on that Blue Bloods show for a while, so possibly, although he’s not Magnum-PI sexy anymore, but still pretty good looking. What about Bo Derek? I rest my case.

A TV report shows that a Ryan Gosling (Beyoncé) look-a-like is suffering from amnesia and seeking information about his (her) identity. Do you claim this person is your spouse?

No. I married a man cuter than Ryan Gosling who, according to a friend of mine, has a small head.

You’re welcome, friend, who’ll probably read this and guffaw a little.

I think it’d be more important for his/her doctors to get to the root cause than have random wackos milling around claiming to be related or involved in other ways.

That was easy.

So, to follow, a short list of movies/TV episodes capitalizing on the romance/drama of memory loss due to brain injury:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer — “Tabula Rasa” in season 6. Damn fine season. Damn fine episode. While Willow has promised her lover, Tara, and the rest of the Scooby gang that she’ll be able to go a week without any magic spells, a magical goof causes a pocketful of a special flower to go up in flames and cause everyone in the vicinity to forget who they are to everyone else. Willow’s found wearing Xander’s coat so thinks they’re a couple; Anya and Giles think they’re engaged because Anya found the ring (that Xander had given her but can’t bring herself to wear) and Spike thinks he’s Giles’ son because they’re both British. “Randy!? You named me Randy!?” or whatever his freakout is when he finds a tag in his own jacket…

There’s an episode of MacGyver where he’s had a head injury due to a shooting and forgets who he is, but not his skill set in general. He comes close to killing his friend, Pete, who manages to convince him in time that he’s not a threat and all that.

The Bourne Identity movies capitalized on the amnesia aspect quite a bit and were really effective.

Away from Her was hard to watch. Worse and better than The Notebook (starring Gosling). It’s really painful watching Gordon Pinsent play the husband of a woman he remembers dearly who’s quickly forgetting who he is to her. I’d never be able to sit through it again. It’s just too full of feels. Nicholas Sparks wishes he was capable of those feels.

Best has to be Memento, though. In terms of movies, at least. What a head fuck-up that one is, as we watch the show from Leonard’s POV (for the most part) and learn what happened as he forgets what’s happening in 10 minute intervals.

So, to the audience, whoever it is — could you lie to a mixed up person and tell them of a life that wasn’t real?

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