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Hidden texts revealed in ancient manuscripts

Cool story out of the Smithsonian: Last summer, Giulia Rossetto, a specialist in ancient texts at the University of Vienna, was on a train home to Pordenone, in northern Italy, when she switched on her laptop and opened a series … Continue reading

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It’s not news its olds — again

Aside from the bottom one, which I just wrote, the rest are classic search results. Google doesn’t list specifics anymore, sadly, but Helen Keller’s satanism and weary souls have been the top searches that link to my blog going back … Continue reading

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Today’s Facebook Find – the Devil’s bible

I feel too lazy to find things to write about sometimes so I think I’ll be grabbing from my Facebook feed once in a while so at least I can post content here more often. This one from The Beast: … Continue reading

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Atheist Scruples: the one star friend

You are a restaurant critic. A good friend owns a restaurant and asks you to review it. The food is mediocre. Do you say so in the review? Being an honest sort of person, I think I’d have to be … Continue reading

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Stories like this put me in mind of thoughtcrimes and Minority report

The Dorchester County Board of Education and the Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office got very interested in the writings of a local Language Arts teacher. Dr. K.S. Voltaer is better known by some in Dorchester County as Patrick McLaw, or even … Continue reading

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Atheist Scruples: it’s back to school time again

This question is apropos: Your child is doing poorly in one subject which is bringing down his average. You’ve tried coaching but his learning is slow. Do you do the homework until he improves? How would that help him learn? … Continue reading

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People still find this, eh?

I haven’t checked my stats in…what month is this? Nine months, actually. Was just at a Freethinker Banned Book night this week and a couple of the guys asked why I wasn’t doing my blog anymore and I admit to … Continue reading

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