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People can absorb energy from others? NO!

Via Facebook and the Idealist page, I find this link to Earth We Are One. They don’t like people copy/pasting which means I have to type it out. No big. First they claim “science confirms that people can absorb energy … Continue reading

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November is the month for soulmates, apparently

I’m thinking the only reason to follow the Idealist page on Facebook (notice me not linking to it) is for the wacky junk they’re posting. This is another from the “don’t quote me!” website Earth We Are One. Once again … Continue reading

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How to bend a study to the will of the woo

I found this via Science Dump on Facebook and tsk tsk to them linking to this silly write up instead of the original article from Live Science (a proper link is in there, though).  The LS article does not declare that beloved pets … Continue reading

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The universe is not trying to tell you anything

The website YouCantBreakMe threw this article under the entertainment section. It’s entertaining, all right, and also eye rolling. If you see repeating numbers (like on a digital clock – 11:11) it means the universe has message for you! Did you … Continue reading

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Not to make it look like all our library buys is junk but…

Here’s a list of recently received titles. The Power of Your Angels: 28 days to finding your path and realizing your life’s dreams by Isabelle von Fallois Offering exercises, rituals, and case studies, this step-by-step process increases daily contact with … Continue reading

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How did I miss word about the new miracle healer?

Pulled a kid right out of a coma with his voice, he did. At least, David Hasselhoff says he did, with a recording of his voice for a young fan: Britain’s Got Talent judge Hoff told BBC Radio Five Live: … Continue reading

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It’s healthier to be a skeptic

A pitiful showing for Justin Trottier’s talk on the New Age Movement and what science is up against but some Saskatoon Freethinkers had a few theories on why that was, not the least of which the time of night – … Continue reading

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I haven’t picked on Billy Graham in a while

Since Halloween is only a couple weeks away, I’ll focus on this question: My mother died recently, and although I know she’s in heaven, I worry about whether she’s happy, if she still has health problems and things like that. … Continue reading

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Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign (of angels?)

I think I wasted twelve dollars and a half hour of my life. All in all, it could be worse; I could have come out of that lecture believing angels really are all around me. This was Saskatoon’s third year … Continue reading

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Wherein 1minion learns of gem power

I know someone who I’d consider a wee bit pagan, or at least into the New Age woo enough to be close. I think she’s aware of my skeptical attitude toward that stuff, but it doesn’t get in the way … Continue reading

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