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Happy Halloween!

Always a fan of Clapsaddle art… (found via)

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I hate to say it, but why didn’t they see it coming?

It’s such a cliché phrase when talking about something bad happening to psychics etc. but it’s still a good question when the the whole point of fortune telling is being able to predict the future. I found an article updating … Continue reading

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Romanian witches to curse tax hikes..literally

Fortune tellers have been getting it easy up until now in that country, apparently, but now they’ll have to pay their taxes just like everyone else. And they’re not very pleased about that. Romanian witches from the east and west … Continue reading

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With no religion, would people still be this crazy?

Les over at Stupid Evil Bastard (and others) already did a rundown of this article by Kimberly Daniels (I edit Oct 31: they’ve added an editor’s note about its “controversial” nature now.) but I think there’s enough crazy to go … Continue reading

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And just what makes a child a witch, I’d ask…

These stories that come out of Africa depress me on a whole other level than other kinds of news stories about corrupted faith. People using the bible to lure women and children into unhealthy relationships is bad, but it’s feels … Continue reading

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Friday Night Frights (One Minion visits the Horror Hotel!)

The dark case compelled her, almost as if she were under a spell. She noticed how the photocopied cover managed to look cheap, yet darkly sinister. She look around discreetly but noticed no eyes upon her, so closed her own … Continue reading

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Religion + Superstition = Death

These poor kids. Nigeria is rampant with child-witches. At least, that’s what the parents think and to prove it, they’ve been doing the unthinkable. Mrs Ukpabio, a mother of three, also wrote a popular book which tells parents how to … Continue reading

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Eek! Witches! Evil witches!

At the end of August I wrote about churches blaming the likes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer for why girls were leaving the church in droves. Now, from CBN.com, a new favourite source for the wacky: When you are growing … Continue reading

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