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Quickie story no. 2

Using the cubes again like I did the last time, but only 4 dice. Here goes: The cookies were served on a heart shaped plate, Grandma Charlie’s classic mix of muskrat houses, hermit cookies and ginger snaps. Nine year old … Continue reading

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Started watching True Blood season 1

And so far I like it – but not because of Sookie and Bill. No, it’s the rest of the regulars that are making it enjoyable. Tara’s awesome, Sam is sweet, and Jason’s hilarious. Why did they pick Anna Paquin … Continue reading

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I need to quit hanging up on telemarketers

They’ve been trying to tell me I won a trip somewhere warm and sunny and now I find I’m wishing I’d listened to the spiel. I feel like my marrow turned into popsicles out there. I gotta go thaw my … Continue reading

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