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naked vegetables are obscene?

When it’s a veg that looks like legs and private parts, yes.. It looked like a human body in a sitting position, two long legs stretching forward with one leaning slightly on the other. There is even a piece slightly … Continue reading

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Because there aren’t enough actual issues to be pissed off about?

Apparently. Urban Outfitters had the “audacity” to feature Ganesh on a blanket and now we must be upset about that. Who cares about the starving, the abused, the killed for religion? Ganesh is featured on a kitchy fucking blanket… Rajan … Continue reading

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The one true god has finally made an appearance

It’s Ganesh. Minus a couple arms, but it’s definitely Ganesh and Oakville, Ontario police are perplexed as to why he’s appeared unannounced in the parking lot of the local museum. It’s a 500 pound marble statue and turned up on … Continue reading

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Didn’t Satan request writing in blood?

Or is that just a fictional concept used to make movies and books just a little bit creepier? Anywho, Saddam Hussein had a calligrapher pen a copy of the Qur’an using his own blood to show his piety. It took … Continue reading

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Anyone who mocks Bob Dylan’s Christmas album…

Should be forced to listen Twisted Sister’s Christmas album a few times: What other bands or singers put Christmas music out for the world to cringe over? I have to admit to liking Spinal Tap’s Christmas With the Devil though. … Continue reading

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To “protect the people” from what, exactly?

Story out of Sudan – woman fined for wearing pants. But at least they didn’t lash her with a plastic whip and scar her forever on top of it. They’ve done it to other women who dared to show off … Continue reading

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The One Minion Search Party, volume 15

A search for “you break wind” put me at the top of Google’s search listings recently. Over a dozen hits over two days just from that. One of the searches was actually for “you break wing” which is either a … Continue reading

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