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Today’s Facebook Find – add weight to lose weight?

Worked for this guy in China — although, what he added was a 40kg rock he could carry on his head for years, via Mashable: A 54-year-old man from Jilin, China, is making waves in his hometown, for his Iron … Continue reading

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Jesus loves thin people more so lose weight for Jesus

I don’t know if it pays to remind people, but I’m pretty sure part of the reason Jesus stayed so thin was all the damn walking around he did long before cars were invented, and all the junk food he … Continue reading

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Words have power, study finds. The word “God” especially

I don’t know if anything new was discovered by this study in terms of that, but it’s an interesting report on results nonetheless. The study was done at the University of Waterloo by psychologists hoping to track what impact faith-based … Continue reading

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So, I’ve started weight lifting..

And by start, I mean I bought a pair of five pound weights and have already discovered just how feeble my arm muscles are. Is there a level below beginner? That’s where I am. A decade of doing little more … Continue reading

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Good girls don’t get fat…

That’s the title of a book I’m going to start reading this week and once I’ve read it I have definite plans of sharing what’s in there, unlike what’s happened with other books I claimed I’d read and report on. … Continue reading

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While it doesn’t make me second guess weight loss..

… this book I started by Susan Yager entitled The Hundred Year Diet: America’s voracious appetite for losing weight is pretty fascinating. I didn’t realize that the earliest weight loss gurus (mid 1800s) were in it less for promoting healthy … Continue reading

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Can we trust Nutrisystem’s “research” here?

MarieClaire points out a problem with the national consumer surveys that weight loss company recently reported on: studies of this nature reveal how deep our nation’s obsession with “thinness” and the greater issue of body image run. Would we really … Continue reading

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Wherein 1minion learns of gem power

I know someone who I’d consider a wee bit pagan, or at least into the New Age woo enough to be close. I think she’s aware of my skeptical attitude toward that stuff, but it doesn’t get in the way … Continue reading

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Why “Personal Attractiveness” is used to sell more than cars

A Facebook/Freethinker friend of mine posted an ad for a local company’s weight loss program. Well, I say program. What it actually markets is the never ending dream of being thin at any cost. The company promotes bariatric surgery as … Continue reading

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A weighty issue

First off, this is one of the dumbest headlines ever: FATTY’S RAMPY PUMPY The story itself is actually kind of sweet. Manuel Uribe recently got married but due to his 47st size (658lbs) he was unable to consummate their vows … Continue reading

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