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Because it is

-48C with the wind this morning and -35 in general terms. At least it’s only been a week of this. The cold could have hit us hard in October and been bad the whole season. It’s supposed to be back … Continue reading

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Taking a snow day

Actually, I’m just bloody lazy. I had fun last night at the dance. A lot of people took the costume suggestions to heart and came well kitted out with period outfits. I cheated with jeans and a white T-shirt but … Continue reading

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Clearly God doesn’t like outdoor stages

Fair officials in Indiana are suggesting the collapse of a stage at their State Fair was a “freakish act of God.” Sugarland was set to play but the wind hit just right to knock the scaffolding over and end result … Continue reading

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Cloud footage reveals “Face of God!!1eleventy1”

It takes until 1:46 before the face appears to appear in the sky, but like any windy day cloud formation it vanishes quickly. It’s iPhone footage taken by Denis Laforge, of Grand Falls, N.B, who started recording because he saw … Continue reading

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Rapture came early to the Bible belt in the shape of 110 tornadoes

An Australian journalist and her husband were in Birmingham, Alabama to cover a couple stories. Jennifer Cooke called the experience “surreal” and wound up huddled in her hotel bathtub as the tornado spun its way through town. “It was thrilling … Continue reading

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Quotable president (not that one)

In the wake of Hurricane Igor landing on (and decimating parts of) Newfoundland, Lana Payne, the president of the Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of Labour had this to share: Poet William Wordsworth encouraged us to let nature be our teacher. … Continue reading

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Religions aside, it’s all for a good cause…

Couple different stories – one away, one local. Praise bands got together for a food fundraiser recently in the Mississippi Valley. “It’s important, helping all of the people who are not as fortunate as we are,” Jacob Canty, 15, of … Continue reading

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Natural disasters are the fault of humans? Sinful humans!

To be fair, some disasters would result in lesser devastation if thousands of people weren’t crammed onto islands prone to flooding, but never you mind. Sin is the problem and God is taking it out on the Philippines because we’re … Continue reading

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I wish I had pictures of Saskatchewan flooding

But I’m not living where that was happening and not about to go on a road trip to an area where roads are now washed out. The Globe and Mail has a nice (if you can call it that) aerial … Continue reading

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If a sturdy table saves you from a tornado…

Maybe whoever made it ought to get a mention. Sales would go through the roof, surely, just like the Mississippi tornado did to the church Dale Thrasher happened to be in at the time. His nick-of-time huddle under the communion … Continue reading

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