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Nobody needs to save Christmas, least of all Kirk Cameron

My movie group talked over the whole of the film Saving Christmas today. Produced and directed and starring Darren Doane and a fair chuck of his and Cameron’s relatives, what we did pay attention to was a ham-handed, heavy-handed attempt … Continue reading

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“War” on Christmas is a misnomer

I don’t really get this whole “war on Christmas” thing that people get tetchy about this time of year. When there are requests to remove nativity scenes off government property, it’s because a government shouldn’t give special treatment to one … Continue reading

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Argentine archbishop did not “defeat” Santa Claus

There are several headlines leading to this story, but I’m looking at the one from Digital Spy because the headline is especially misleading. Organisers of a Christmas cabin in the Argentinian city of Resistencia have cancelled plans for a gift-giving … Continue reading

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No God? ads still a problem to some

The American Humanist Association has a simple message to send out to people this year with their No God No Problem campaign. It advertises the need to be good for the sake of goodness and includes Humanist contact numbers for … Continue reading

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OMNeG! Santa Claus Banned from Christmas Concert!

Oh My Nonexistent God! It’s the end of the world! The district’s decree ordered that only selections such as “Winter Wonderland” and “Frosty the Snowman” would be allowed, with a complete ban on tunes about Jesus and even Santa Claus. … Continue reading

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Quotable irony

I delved into WORLDmag.com for ideas for this post and found an opinion piece by Warren Cole Smith about the ongoing “War on Christmas.” First of all, Jesus is most certainly not the reason for the orgiastic spending spree modern … Continue reading

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Atheist signs less welcome than incontinence in a public pool

An atheist and Humanist group in Chambersburg, PA. wanted to hang a sign thanking veterans this holiday season. Had it been anyone else, no doubt the sign could have hung with the all the rest. But it’s an atheist sign! … Continue reading

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