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While it’s great to see Wal-Mart topping charts for charitable donations

and they do, as evidenced by USA Today’s handy graphs, what those graphs don’t do is break down how much is given by Wal-Mart corporate and how much is given by Wal-mart customers and staff. There are always paper flags … Continue reading

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The One Minion Search Party, volume 6

Too weird not to share: girls stuck in a lift desperate to pee I don’t know how this led to me. But, I’ll use this moment for an advisory warning. When shopping for clothes in a place like Wal-mart, don’t … Continue reading

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Pope says Wal-mart fashion is in this season

Well, not quite, but Old Ben is applauding the fact that people want to make their dollars and pounds and Euros stretch further this Christmas and Wal-Mart concurs. “Stripped of its materialistic and consumer trappings, Christmas offers a chance to … Continue reading

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Next-of-kin sues Walmart over Black Friday death

Like I wrote recently about a father and son suing for back and neck injuries as a result of last Friday, now the next-of-kin have launched a suit of their own. Jdimytai Damour, 34, had been hired by an employment … Continue reading

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No bargain, no matter how great, is worth a life

Disturbing news out of Nassau – when a Wal-mart opened its doors this morning for the Black Friday sale, the eager deranged masses killed an employee in their mad rush to get in the doors. Hundreds of bargain-hungry shoppers stepped … Continue reading

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