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A Question of Atheist Scruples – unscrupulous media edition

Your gritty current affairs program is in a ratings war. You can take the lead by broadcasting the ‘execution of the week.’ Do you? Now the game shows its age a wee bit. There was a time, boys and girls, … Continue reading

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X-Men advertisers make giant billboard misstep

CBC reports that Toronto wound up with several of these brainless billboards advertising the newest of the X-Men franchise. So we have here a giant armoured up dude strangling the crap out of a dainty naked lady. My trim/enlargement of … Continue reading

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Witchhunts in Cambodia

Not a country I know about, but apparently it’s one with enough superstition and belief in the supernatural to create mobs intent on accusing ordinary people of black magic and sorcery. Why they thought Pov Sovann was trouble? He was … Continue reading

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For some reason I watched Beneath the Planet of the Apes

Well, one reason: it was there. It’s the sequel following the original Planet of the Apes film. It had its moments but it was pretty stupid overall. Another ship crash lands on the futuristic Earth and the surviving astronaut, Brent, … Continue reading

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“The Turtle Moves…”

I can’t resist a Terry Pratchett quote when the opportunity arises. This is really about the senseless killing of a tortoise by a Uganda police officer, however. After Onegiu had killed the tortoise, a group of people belonging to the … Continue reading

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Alien claims connection to Jesus, hits a woman with a shovel

Apparently bath salts were involved. Robert William White, 20, was arrested in Greendale, California after his ingestion of bath salt-infused soda helped him come to the conclusion that he was an alien being with a direct line to Jesus and … Continue reading

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Old news: it’s hard to be atheist in Indonesia

Via the Jakarta Globe, January 19, 2012: An Indonesian civil servant who posted “God does not exist” on his Facebook page has been taken into police custody for his own protection after he was badly beaten. The man, identified as … Continue reading

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