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Bad wrist, good video

One of my seasonal favourites.

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Since typing is a hassle, have some music

I wonder how long this took to practice. (Wrist update: got a new cast yesterday and it looks like things are lined up nicely. I’ve been given a list of exercises to do 5 times a day, too. Will come … Continue reading

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Musical interlude

Don’t let the name of the song dissuade you. Here’s some lyrics: I know you’re scared of dying man, and I am too, But just pretending it’s not happening isn’t going to see us through. If we accept that there’s … Continue reading

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We celebrated the not end of the world with a little karaoke

But nobody got up to sing “It’s the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine” because nobody felt they could keep up with the lyrics no matter how big they may have been typed on … Continue reading

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Finally a reason to re-string my guitar

It was a Christmas gift when I was a teenager. I dimly recall being asked by my parents if I wanted a camera or a guitar that year and I’m pretty sure I said camera, but what’s Christmas without a … Continue reading

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Cloud footage reveals “Face of God!!1eleventy1”

It takes until 1:46 before the face appears to appear in the sky, but like any windy day cloud formation it vanishes quickly. It’s iPhone footage taken by Denis Laforge, of Grand Falls, N.B, who started recording because he saw … Continue reading

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Sounds of Sunday – 30 songs, week 8

This is the end of this, finally. It was a smart idea to pile a bunch of challenges into each week rather than stretch it out any more. Last week we visited moods, including weddings and funerals. This time it’s … Continue reading

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