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Drunken man bathes in church’s holy water

And that’s not all: A Stoney Creek man has been arrested on a series of charges after a drunken rampage through a downtown church – which allegedly included bathing in the holy water, vandalizing religious objects and trying to light … Continue reading

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Jesus penis art vandals fail to acheive mission; the show goes on

Update to my recent Philippines story about the cultural center in Manilla and its Jesus art installation: An unidentified couple smashed a penis-motif wooden ashtray glued onto the poster and tried but failed to set fire to the entire collage, … Continue reading

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The title says it all: Jesus not guilty

Not guilty of what, you ask? This: THE faithful at St Thomas’ Anglican Church are convinced local residents, and not Jesus, killed their fig trees. There’s a story in the bible where Jesus curses a fig tree to death because … Continue reading

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Not everyone’s a fan of Pham’s Jesus..

Somebody lit his yard on fire.: Mai Pham spotted the fire burning around the base of the 7-foot-tall, white marble statue about 6 a.m., the St. Paul Pioneer Press reported. The statue was discolored by the fire and a second … Continue reading

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When journalists cater to sensationalism…

I’m not a journalist, nor did I ever have much interest in it save for lack of other ideas during career days in junior high. Still, I did go to university (Sociology degree, btw) and can be something of a … Continue reading

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Bible assists a different arsonist…

… and people seem far more upset over burnt scripture than burnt bus seats. Investigators said arsonists in Rutherford County used an unthinkable item to add fuel to their fire, the Bible. Quick question: did the investigators actually call it … Continue reading

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