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I can’t watch Jesus Christ: Vampire Hunter

An Ontario theatre is celebrating the film’s 10th year as a cult classic tonight and I’m in the wrong province to enjoy it, dammit all. Here’s a chance to live the Ottawa b-movie staple Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter all over … Continue reading

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Saw “Let Me In” yesterday

I wrote a little about the movie that inspired it when it came out last year. I think this new English version is an adequate remake but it fell apart for me every time they resorted to very shitty CG … Continue reading

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Dracula connection to a young earth?

Normally I avoid Answers in Genesis like a plague, but with a headline like that, there’s got to be some fun reading in it. Sadly I don’t know enough about vampire bats to know if John Woodmorappe is properly describing … Continue reading

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Dear Robert Pattinson, you won’t put fans’ heads on stakes now will you?

“News” (in quotes because it’s questionable) has come out that the “star” (same quotes for the same reason) of the Twilight films may be a distant relative of Vlad the Impaler. Bing over at Happy Jihad’s House of Pancakes called … Continue reading

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The new vampires – too good is too bad?

Vampires sure are the thing these days, aren’t they? Esquire has an interesting take on their popularity in terms of mainstreaming gay love, specifically in the show True Blood. Neil Gaiman’s article also makes some good points in relation to … Continue reading

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Random Acts of Poetry – Baudelaire’s Vampire

Le Vampire de Charles Baudelaire Toi qui, comme un coup de couteau, Dans mon coeur plaintif es entrée; Toi qui, forte comme un troupeau De démons, vins, folle et parée, De mon esprit humilié Faire ton lit et ton domaine; … Continue reading

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Why mess with a formula that works, and yet…

Spiteful Critic has an amusing post comparing the similarities of several movie plots – Star Wars, Star Trek, The Matrix & Harry Potter The author also makes a good point with it, that movies with plot lines such as these … Continue reading

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