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A question of atheist scruples – affairs of the heart

Been a while, but I’m snagging a question from my ’90s edition of the game: You are very attracted to someone who is happily married. You have no attachments. Do you explore the possibilities? Only in my fantasies. I wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Question of Atheist Scruples – Teach your children well

You are an English teacher. A student who is failing your subject needs the credit to get into nursing. Do you pass the student? Of course not. I’d remind said student that if s/he approached the nursing courses with the … Continue reading

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Heading for university? Looking for new friends?

I’ve run across an article regarding faith and college dorms. Since thousands of kids are heading to university in a couple weeks for their very first taste of dorm life, it’s a worthwhile topic. The most effective and powerful witness … Continue reading

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This quiz claims I’m internetly younger than I really am.

For kicks I took an Internet Age quiz. Results: Internet Age: 126.4 Internet years (*) Internet Birthday: 4 September 2001 The asterisk is to let quiztakers know that internet time passes differently than real time, a fact I can attest … Continue reading

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