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Atheist Scruples: the alibi

Today’s scenario: A good friend is having an extramarital affair. S/he asks you to provide an alibi. Do you? Short answer, I wouldn’t want to have to lie to anyone. I suck as a liar. I’d need to ask a … Continue reading

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Scientific American has an article about atheists and trust

Specifically how we aren’t generally trusted. According to the article, Will Gervais, Ara Norenzayan and colleagues at the University of British Columbia sorted through the results of several different studies showing how atheists tend to be the least trusted groups. … Continue reading

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Religious Canadians distrust atheists, too…

… going by results of a recent study published in the Vancouver Sun, at least. Religious believers distrust atheists more than members of other religious groups, gays and feminists, according to a new study by University of B.C. researchers. The … Continue reading

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Big surprise: Sarah Palin lied about Canadian bootlegger grandparents

While I wrote about her expensive motivational talk in Hamilton, a journalist who saw fit to write about her rambling speech was getting mail. Susan Clairmont of the Hamilton Spectator wound up wondering about Palin’s claim of having grandparents from … Continue reading

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Could you make a $2 million bail?

I couldn’t, but I never ran a Ponzi scheme to bilk fellow parishioners out of their hard earned money, like Bryant Rodriguez did. At least three dozen people invested with him, giving him about $1.1 million but getting back only … Continue reading

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