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Thou shalt not kill — unless you’re an elderly church deacon and he’s homeless?

And likely not to be charged with any crime, according to police: Eighty-year-old Lillian McTodd, dressed head to toe in white, struck the man as he pushed a shopping cart containing bottles on Gates Avenue in Bedford-Stuyvesant at around 10:30‚ÄČa.m., … Continue reading

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Churches would love all youth to see Soul Surfer

Not just because Bethany Hamilton’s story of triumph over adversity is admirable, but because the makers of the film (and her parents themselves) made sure the audience would know just how wonderfully Christian she is, thus should use the movie … Continue reading

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The dialogue about prayer, part 2

This is the second half of an article by Frank G. Sterle, Jr. regarding prayer and whether or not God’s capable of fulfilling any. We know where I stand on this, so I’m interjecting between paragraphs. There very-likely are parents … Continue reading

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Gay Mormons have it rough

..um.. maybe I should rethink that title. That winds up sounding kinkier than I intended. But I’m sure it got your attention, which is a good thing because an article I read focused on the fact that gays are treated … Continue reading

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Quotable president (not that one)

In the wake of Hurricane Igor landing on (and decimating parts of) Newfoundland, Lana Payne, the president of the Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of Labour had this to share: Poet William Wordsworth encouraged us to let nature be our teacher. … Continue reading

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Prayer concerns

I check Christian News Headlines once in a while to see if I can grab something interesting off their site and have now noticed a new heading for news stories called Prayer Concerns. Top story under that heading recently was … Continue reading

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The Christchurch earthquake “miracle”

God gets a bit of credit for not killing anybody during that 7.1 quake but the Times article also mentions that it hit during the night while people were sleeping. God must love Kiwi’s more then, because the one in … Continue reading

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