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There’s still time to make gingerbread men

I’m not a baker, but I found a nice list of Christmas food traditions, including the whole gingerbread idea. “The first gingerbread man is credited to the court of Queen Elizabeth I, who favored important visitors…with charming gingerbread likenesses of … Continue reading

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Quotable miser

It’s part of a response to a question about giving money as a gift and should you give it, or ask for it: If you want to go to Cancun in February, go right ahead. But pay for it yourself. … Continue reading

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Remember to put the Fest in “Festive” this year!

Definition of fest for those who want it: –noun an assembly of people engaged in a common activity (often used in combination): filmfest; gabfest; love-fest; poetry fest. Over in Scotland, Dundee has declared December to be Christian Christmas free. No … Continue reading

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Jack of the lantern, an exploration

Since Halloween is approaching, it’s probably worthwhile to look at reasons we follow bizarre traditions when celebrating it. What’s the purpose of a Jack O’Lantern besides lighting the steps so little kids don’t fall? According to That’s Right Nate, it’s … Continue reading

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A lack of goats is no kidding matter…

Durga’s need for sacrifice is strong this time of year, but the power hungry goddess and Her love of goats has left believers in Kathmandu struggling to find enough of them to satisfy Her. Bijaya Thapa, deputy general manager at … Continue reading

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Quotable journalist

I don’t always agree with Steve Salerno, but I agree with this. Sorry. I’m not obliged to recognize your religion’s catechism or its overall lens on life. I’m not obliged to recognize any religion. I’m not even obliged to recognize … Continue reading

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When you gotta go, you gotta go

And when you gotta go to court to prove you have a right to pee during a song at a baseball stadium, you gotta go to court. That’s what Bradford Campeau-Laurion had to do anyway. “Policy remains as it always … Continue reading

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If you build it, they will come (and fine you)

I wrote about the problems in Wisconsin, but this story is about the Amish residents in New York State who have gone to the courts over their building permits. “The U.S. Constitution, and legal precedent all the way to the … Continue reading

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So, here it is, a brand new year

In some circles today is commemorated as the day baby Jesus got a bit of his baby wee wee lopped off. In Greek Orthodox circles, anyway. The whole New Year’s Baby thing had its start in Greece, too, in a … Continue reading

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Not quite the biblical flood, but…

Ottery St Mary, Devon has a hell of a clean-up, doesn’t it? Cars in the town were left tightly packed in ice after about 1ft (0.3m) of hail fell in just two hours between 0100 and 0300 GMT. Roads into … Continue reading

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