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Clever devilish ad freaks out traditionalists

People take their baking seriously in New Zealand: The giant billboards, placed by the Hell Pizza company, have been plastered around Auckland, the country’s largest city. Lloyd Ashton, a spokesman for New Zealand’s Anglican Church, condemned the advertising campaign as … Continue reading

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“Post-theistic” doesn’t sound terrible

A phrase like that sounds like it walks the line between belief in higher power and scrapping the idea in favour of humanism, according to this article I found at The United Church Observer: Post-theism has quietly emerged in individual … Continue reading

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Jesus Onetouch jailed, human rights advocates thrilled

Onetouch (real name Nana Kofi Yirenkyi) made headlines last year after accusations that he’d slept with his daughter, who was 10 at the time. The congregation of the church he founded, Jesus Blood Prophetic Ministries at Oblogo, Ghana, filled the … Continue reading

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Christmas depends on the definition of “religious”

At least in terms of how people want to celebrate it. Statistics from a USA Today/Gallup survey and one by Lifeway uncover what people think about the meaning of Christmas and its traditions. while most call this a holy day … Continue reading

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Argentine archbishop did not “defeat” Santa Claus

There are several headlines leading to this story, but I’m looking at the one from Digital Spy because the headline is especially misleading. Organisers of a Christmas cabin in the Argentinian city of Resistencia have cancelled plans for a gift-giving … Continue reading

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How Christians tell their kids about Santa

Well, not all Christians. Mark Driscoll. I can’t include all because he’s only writing about his own family, but he suggests others explain Santa Claus his way: When it comes to cultural issues like Santa, Christians have three options: (1) … Continue reading

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If “Their prayers will still be heard by Allah”…

Then clearly it makes no difference at all what direction Muslims have to face for daily prayers. Yes? So why even bother telling Indonesian Muslims that they’ve all been facing “the wrong direction” for years? They haven’t aimed a prayer … Continue reading

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