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Ask and ye shall receive: more Jesus statue news

Actually, I was just hoping for something vaguely Jesus-looking that I could mock, but this story will do: MOUNTAIN JESUS IN JEOPARDY! (It looks more serious when it’s all caps.) After being denied a permit renewal to keep a memorial … Continue reading

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“I love cannibals!” I mean, Catholics…

Eat of my body, drink of my blood… The whole mass tradition winds up sounding kind of creepy. Cannibalism has an interesting history though and remains a fascinating intellectual exercise. For some other time, though. When Catholics aren’t symbolically eating … Continue reading

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Opinion vs opinion (1minion vs West Texas)

For lack of other ideas, I quote Terry Williamson at the Midland Reporter-Telegram and his opinion piece about the need to do away with the notion of “freedom from religion.” Is it OK if I say Happy Easter? I get … Continue reading

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It’s drafty in here (Merry censoredmas)

While cleaning out my draft folder, I found a story from the Christmas season featuring Israel and the tourist industry, among other things. Some textile workshops in Jerusalem and Hebron have begun to print and sell T-shirts depicting the Church … Continue reading

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Happy Lupricalia everybody!

A site called God Discussion has helpfully compiled several ways various religious groups celebrate Valentine’s day, or not. The Restored Church of God (an offshoot of the former Worldwide Church of God–now named Grace Communion International) thinks nobody should be … Continue reading

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“War” on Christmas is a misnomer

I don’t really get this whole “war on Christmas” thing that people get tetchy about this time of year. When there are requests to remove nativity scenes off government property, it’s because a government shouldn’t give special treatment to one … Continue reading

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“You have a meaningful life when you live a symbolic life…”

Apparently labyrinths have seen an increase in popularity — not those tipsy marble maze boxes, but the people-sized ones that can be walked around while contemplating life, the universe and everything. It must be true; the Denver Post says so. … Continue reading

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OMNeG! Santa Claus Banned from Christmas Concert!

Oh My Nonexistent God! It’s the end of the world! The district’s decree ordered that only selections such as “Winter Wonderland” and “Frosty the Snowman” would be allowed, with a complete ban on tunes about Jesus and even Santa Claus. … Continue reading

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You can love your cow, just don’t LOVE your cow…

Guadalcanal Diary had this great song called “Cattle Prod” but for some reason I can’t find the lyrics and YouTube doesn’t have any video version. Probably for obvious reasons, now I think about it. I’m annoyed by the geographic restriction … Continue reading

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Halloween is coming, bring on the fearmongering…

It’s two weeks away, but now is still a good time to start thinking about Halloween. I won’t be doing any costume stuff this year. Last year I was a gypsy fortune teller. Another year I dressed as Death’s Grandaughter … Continue reading

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