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Morality Movie Monday – A Christmas Story

This was never a classic piece of Christmas entertainment while I was growing up; I was nine in 1983 when this movie came out, but my local channels relied on Alastair Sim, Jimmy Stewart, Boris Karloff and whoever starred in … Continue reading

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Today’s Found on Facebook – the princess effect

Lots of articles about it now but I’ll use the Time one I saw first: A new study from Brigham Young University found that engaging with Disney princess culture could make young children more susceptible to gender stereotypes. The small … Continue reading

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Holy Crayola! Jesus in crayons

Blurred as the image is, it really could be anything. Sadly, the Daily Mail’s always seems willing to give face time to people who think they’ve experienced a pareidolia miracle. A woman who prayed for a sign from Jesus got … Continue reading

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The One Minion Search Party vol. 43

Getting back into the swing means looking at more search results to see what ultimately lures people in my direction. So, a small sampling since it’s been a few weeks since I last did this: how much should i pay … Continue reading

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Some toys not good enough for Salvation Army

And by good, I mean that there are actually toys considered too evil for that charity to pass along to children wanting presents Christmas morning. Apparently anything to do with Harry Potter or the Twilight series has to be “disposed … Continue reading

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Pink Ouija boards are tacky, but dangerous?

Only if you get clubbed in the head with one. Otherwise they’re just lame games that can freak out your friends during sleepovers. Still, Fox sees fit to make them news anyway. It’s designed for young girls ages 8 and … Continue reading

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My name is Minion and I’m addicted

I picked up an iPod today. I paid for it, too. Or at least, the Visa company did. I’ll pay them back later. This is much sweetness. Oooh, free apps and games. I’m gonna go play some of those in … Continue reading

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I figured Vanity Smurf was, and maybe even Hefty…

Oh, but Christwire isn’t actually freaking out about homosexual smurfs. They’re getting their freak on about how the sultry Smurfette is the only chick in a land of men. (Sic throughout – FYI: homonyms only sound homosexual, dear deer reed … Continue reading

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You know why Baby Einstein DVD’s don’t work?

Because Einstein’s parents were cousins. He was a product of cousins mating. Think your cousins could produce a genius of that level? Think every cousin pairing will? Obviously not. Albert Einstein’s parents whipped up the cream of the genetic crop … Continue reading

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It bodes ill for the purpose of a puzzle…

…when they can be bought pre-numbered for easy assembly. This is the only reason for a camera phone, I swear. Blurred, sadly. I found it Liquidation World this morning. First I thought, Ooh, dinosaur puzzle! Then I saw it was … Continue reading

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