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Where did Jesus really pee?

Seems as necessary a question as this one to me: Where was Jesus really baptized? As in, not necessary at all. But, people actually do seem to care about where the man may have wet his head and want to … Continue reading

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Is bible archeology the only archeology?

Hardly, but it seems like it’s the only kind of archeology that generates clickable headlines. Like this one: Jesus’ apostle’s tomb unearthed in Turkey. OMIGOD! Proof the bible is true! Quick! Go look! Your argument’s invalid! CHrisTians Win 4evaR! An … Continue reading

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It’s drafty in here – a couple old ideas resurface

While I wasn’t in the mood to blog I was still reading articles and saving them with the intention of writing something on the topic at some point. I’d come across this one about vines on a power pole and … Continue reading

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Holiday over…

Was out to Peace River country for a chunk of last week to attend a wedding and get a little tourism in, too. After that it was a trip down to Red Deer to see other relatives before heading back … Continue reading

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Giant Croatian Jesus creates controversy

As well it should. From the Telegraph. Split mayor Zeljko Kerum announced an initiative last week to erect a 129-foot-high statue of Christ – 10 feet taller than the world’s current biggest in Swiebodzin, western Poland. Mr Kerum said the … Continue reading

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“I love cannibals!” I mean, Catholics…

Eat of my body, drink of my blood… The whole mass tradition winds up sounding kind of creepy. Cannibalism has an interesting history though and remains a fascinating intellectual exercise. For some other time, though. When Catholics aren’t symbolically eating … Continue reading

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If there were a holy statue contest…

Indiana would trounce Minnesota. Tuan Pham’s Jesus statue in St. Paul is only 17 feet tall. St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church in St. John just installed one in their parking lot. Dubbed “Our Lady of the New Millennium,” the … Continue reading

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