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Question of Atheist Scruples – even I know stealing is wrong

You find merchandise which you know your teenage daughter stole from the store where she works. She denies it and continues to steal. As a last resort, do you inform her employer? Hells, yes. I’d try and set up a … Continue reading

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Atheist Scruples: Police! Police!

Today’s question: Arriving home late, you see a flashlight in your house and call police. They take an hour to arrive and the thieves escape with your valuables. Do you complain to the civic authorities? In the heat of the … Continue reading

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A Question of Atheist Scruples – Round 1

I found a copy of this at Value Village, a version of the game from 1984. I had no idea the game was still being made, though. According to official rules: Scruples makes players sweat as they ask each other … Continue reading

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And does the couple thank God for the husband’s stupidity as well?

He gets credit for finding their jeep. He ought to get credit for making them stupid enough to leave it in a position to be so easily stolen: A Crawfordsville couple’s Jeep was lost but now it’s found, and they … Continue reading

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A noble lie: child trafficking and the Catholic church

I was as appalled as anyone when I read about the documentary that just came out regarding Spain’s stolen children. Over a span of fifty years some three hundred thousand children were taken from their birth mothers and sold to … Continue reading

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Gravelbourg church theft update

I wrote about this back in February of 2010 and then promptly forgot about it. I heard a brief thing on CBC Radio about her on the drive home from work today. Paulette Dumont’s case was moved from her small … Continue reading

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ingodwelust takes my posts but doesn’t give me credit

Colour me annoyed. I don’t care if people want to share it, so long as it links back to me in some way as the origin of it. Isn’t that how it ought to be done? Or am I miffed … Continue reading

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