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Dear parents, your grade 9 kid should already know about sex

Another older article, but this time about books, censorship and schools. A common story. Upset parents demanded this week that the Kings Canyon Unified School District remove a book intended for freshmen English classes that one father said is “inappropriate, … Continue reading

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Update to the posing with Jesus story

I wrote about this back in August so it was nice to see an update to the story about the 14 year old boy who posed with a Jesus statue and made it look like he was getting a blow … Continue reading

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“Why are you in jail?” “I posed for a picture with Jesus…”

“… and made it look like oral sex.” It’s totally immature, but is it worth criminalizing him for it? A Pennsylvania teenager is facing criminal charges after posting pictures to Facebook of him simulating a sex act with a statue … Continue reading

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Religious youth less likely to try drugs and alcohol, apparently

Science Daily is reporting on a paper published in Alcohol Treatment Quarterly. The youths participating in the study had been referred by the courts or by medical professionals. 195 juvenile offenders agreed to spend two months in a “residential treatment … Continue reading

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Got a new box of Scruples

Very exciting. The Little Man and I enjoy walking around the neighbourhood on weekends looking for garage sales and today I struck gold with a mint 2nd edition copy of A Question of Scruples, still with the original 1986 Wool-co … Continue reading

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“Teens see this film, they walk out and throw their razor blades away”

So I guess beards will be in fashion now? It’s out of World Net Daily – a new film in theaters that is supposed to change the minds of suicidal teens and make them more hopeful people. It’s called To … Continue reading

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Children are better off today.. well, kind of.

I don’t have kids. I don’t even know if I want kids. I think if I did have kids, I’d consider raising them like in The Village, away from the hustle and bustle and crazy tech crap and money woes … Continue reading

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