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How quickly we forget…

… just how slow dial-up is. I didn’t prep enough articles to get me all the way through the weekend and this internet connection my parents have is way too slow to wait, wait, wait an eternity for articles worth … Continue reading

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It’s drafty in here (the problem with a loaded question)

This post was started June 20th, 2010 and then left to collect dust in my draft folder. The top half is original to that day. Below the cut is what’s new today. —- The book came by my desk at … Continue reading

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Can computer music have a soul?

Now that the Man and I have regrouped, we’re back to having all those stellar rambling conversations that made hanging out with him so much fun in the first place. Last week we’d arranged for coffee out and after the … Continue reading

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Has anyone written “The Book” on text etiquette yet?

Some back story first. I see Cracked has put together yet another great list. This time it’s 6 scientific reasons why break ups are bad for you. Their list: Friends may copy you and damage whatever they’ve got going, even … Continue reading

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Mind reading meets marketing? I’m not surprised

From New Scientist: Market research has traditionally relied on methods such as questionnaires and focus groups to gauge how consumers will respond to new products. These tools have their strengths, but they share one fatal weakness: they depend on asking … Continue reading

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Relationships getting back to olden days thinking

Sort of. GPS dating apps are taking the hunt for a partner to new levels: local proximity levels of the kind our great-grandparents likely dealt with in their home towns and farm areas. People get getting back to the idea … Continue reading

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Life goes wahoonie shaped

I don’t know what shape a wahoonie might usually be, but it’s the shape of my life today. The car that dribbled all over a parking lot on Saturday turned out today to have head gasket issues and while I … Continue reading

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Quotable Arab (a first for me)

It’s from an article at the Arab Times, regarding religion as commodity. I’m assuming STC is some kind of internet phone service? Whatever it is, the author of the piece is commenting on how it feels to be bombarded by … Continue reading

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April 25 is Internet Evangelism Day

While it could be argued that there’s too much of that already, the site has a lot of information for how Christians can go about increasing their numbers using the internet, and provides some examples of what churches have done … Continue reading

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Idea..idea…idea……nope. No idea

My head’s all fuzzy from a night of Huje Tower anyway. Cripes, what an addicting little game that is. I picked it up for my iPod but it’s better played on a big screen. And it’s still hard to see … Continue reading

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