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Question of Atheist Scruples — where cell phones solve a giant problem

The Man and I watched Adventures in Babysitting last week. I’d first seen it at my birthday party in 1988 (grade 8) and perhaps again once since. There are so many places in that film that a cell phone could … Continue reading

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Atheist Scruples: the devil’s in the details

Maybe stretching it as a title, but in terms of keeping with the satanistic weekend theme, let’s just go with it. You buy a gift for an employee who has done extra work. Your spouse finds it and raves about … Continue reading

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Devil resorts to texting after exorcism fails

At least, I think it failed. If it actually was an exorcism and there actually was a demon possessing a girl. In stories like this facts do not take a back seat; they’re deliberately thrown out and left behind in … Continue reading

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Still having home internet trouble

but hopefully I’ll get that sorted after work today and be back to posting more often. Stupid DSL box just blinks as if the phone cord isn’t plugged in. Methinks it’s time to check into wireless.

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Soon you can sit at home and watch a Jesus statue get built

Rebuilt, in fact: The pace is expected to pick up soon on the construction of a new statue portraying Jesus at Solid Rock Church in Monroe. Work on the concrete foundation that the new 51-foot tall statue “Come Unto Me” … Continue reading

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Curing the gay? There is no app for that

At least, not anymore. Apple has bowed to public pressure after a petition was signed by 146,000 people. In the petition letter addressed to Steve Jobs, the Apple chief executive, and posted last week on the Change.org site, objectors said: … Continue reading

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Quotable comment about the movie industry

Hollywood lost its faith in creativity long ago, and the finance and marketing folks took over. They went from supporting talented young filmmakers (many of whom went on to become industry superstars) to making everything based on the pitch (“It’s … Continue reading

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