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“Teens see this film, they walk out and throw their razor blades away”

So I guess beards will be in fashion now? It’s out of World Net Daily – a new film in theaters that is supposed to change the minds of suicidal teens and make them more hopeful people. It’s called To … Continue reading

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Montana courts decide: pro doc-assisted suicide

I like it when titles rhyme. Anyway, yes, it’s almost official. Doctors should be allowed to help a person end his or her life come the time. The Montana Supreme Court said Thursday that nothing in state law prevents patients … Continue reading

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I thought suicides couldn’t go to heaven

I’m late on the Crystal Cathedral suicide story, I know. Just saw it. I, too, find it ironic that the greeter was in the middle of explaining their suicide prevention ministry to some Canadian tourists at the time he killed … Continue reading

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Study suggests church attendance lowers risk of suicides

This one comes out of the University of Manitoba via the FaithNews Network: Psychiatric researchers at the University of Manitoba have established a link, they say, “between a person´s attendance at a religious worship service” and the desire to commit … Continue reading

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A cry for help passes for entertainment

This is disturbing. 19-year-old Florida resident Abraham K. Biggs, who went by the screen names “CandyJunkie” and “Mr Biggs”, told users on a bodybuilding forum he would be committing suicide that night and invited them to watch the live video. … Continue reading

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