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Atheist Scruples: the business agreement

Today’s question: You’ve agreed verbally to a business deal when you get a much better offer. Do you back out of the deal? Memo to self: email the auto dealer we spoke to yesterday and let him know we went … Continue reading

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While I don’t doubt some patients improved with faith in god

There’s probably more to it than that. Sify has an article about an Italian study done with 179 liver transplant patients and how they apparently improved more because they had faith in god. The study team selected 179 patients who … Continue reading

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It’s drafty in here (Our Father, who art a placebo…)

This is another one of those articles that sat in my drafts for a long while and needs out. The original story is out of Newsweek, but I found it via a column in the San Fransisco Chronicle. The Newsweek … Continue reading

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Another study links violence with video games

It seems to be a popular “target” of study. (Notice what I did there? More about that later…) Psychologist Craig Anderson of Iowa State University and his team analyzed existing studies of 130,000 people from the U.S., Europe and Japan. … Continue reading

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Skeptic’s superstitions meeting update

Better late than never. So, about a dozen of us found space at a local cantina a couple nights ago to chow down on some good food and talk about how crazy other cultures are. We hit on a few … Continue reading

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Finally, a use for clowns

I know they already have uses (freaking children out at birthday parties, teasing bulls to rescue rodeo riders) but it turns out they also make great examples for the study of distractions. Researchers at Western Washington University in Bellingham had … Continue reading

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How old are the kids who’d watch CSI?

This isn’t much of a news article, but I’ll put it in anyway. One News Now has a short piece regarding results of a recent study of children and violence: University researchers for the U.S. Justice Department recently found that … Continue reading

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Maybe a picture does capture a soul…

If this small study can be believed, photos tell far more about the people in them than just what they look like. 113 people, plus a few close friends of each, filled out forms outlining personality traits. Then the 113 … Continue reading

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Good thing today’s my birthday

I could’ve been a whole lot dumber had I been born three months later. That’s what research keeps proving, apparently. Winter birth is a serious detriment to a child’s future health and brain power. From lacking vitamin D to when … Continue reading

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Drunken teenage rats more likely to gamble

I wonder how the pitch would’ve gone for this one. Boss, I wanna do a project. What? I wanna get rats drunk and teach them to gamble. Cool; here’s some money to buy some Jello and Smirnoff. Lemme know what … Continue reading

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