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I’m bored, and I had some beer, so let’s do a story

Sure. I just got a new set of Rory Story Cubes, the action series. Let’s see what they can do. I split my sets into two small bags for self limiting reasons (also because I’m too lazy to buy a … Continue reading

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Call for Sleeping Beauty to be banned?

yep. From CTV: mother from Northumberland Park, U.K., is calling for her son’s school to ban “Sleeping Beauty” due to its conflicting message about sexual consent. “[W]hile we are still seeing narratives like this in school, we are never going … Continue reading

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Quickie story no.3

I like doing these. I actually have a notebook filled with stories and partial stories I intended to go back to but never did. I’m glad I found these Rory Story Cubes because they work really well to jump start … Continue reading

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Quickie Story no. 1

I have a set of Rory Story cubes and the supernatural expansion pack which adds another nine into the mix of possible permutations. Here’s a quick 6 dice story, for lack of other ideas today. I’ll underline the point where … Continue reading

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At some point I might have a bible movie night

Or at least a night of Christian-themed movies of dubious quality. One of the libraries in the city buy a lot of religiously inspired low budget ones and I might even attempt some Bibleman. I tried watching The Ten Commandments … Continue reading

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“Hollywood looking to Christianty” is not a new thing

The library has a book that lists a whackload of Christian-inspired films, but I forget the title of that. While hunting for it I came across a different book getting reviewed by The Journal of Religion and Popular Culture called … Continue reading

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What books did you like when you were eight?

Still mulling over the last post and why a kid that young would look to a bible for a little light reading during quiet time. I wonder what part she was reading, and if it was a whole bible or … Continue reading

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