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51% is not most; barely half of those surveyed believed in a god

18% are reported to have no beliefs of that nature and the rest (17%) remain undecided, according to a recent survey done in Britain that spanned 23 countries and polled over 18,000 people. Similar results occurred with questions about an … Continue reading

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“Exposed” is a fun read for any budding skeptic

Not to be at all confused with that trainwreck of a film, Expelled!, where Ben Stein was exposed as a creationist freak, Exposed: Ouija, firewalking and other gibberish by Henri Broch focuses on a few well known psychic/junk science examples … Continue reading

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“This is New Year’s Eve and people are out shooting their guns,”

Cripes. What the hell kind of way is that to ring in a new year? Especially since the bullet of someone’s (presumed) AK-47 sailed through the air at top speed, reached the apex of its parabola and sailed down at … Continue reading

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Quotable Redhead

I know I should be original, but hell. I read this and thought this was fantastic. Why provide a mediocre post when I can pass this on: # More than 98 percent of convicted felons are bread users. # Fully … Continue reading

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How old are the kids who’d watch CSI?

This isn’t much of a news article, but I’ll put it in anyway. One News Now has a short piece regarding results of a recent study of children and violence: University researchers for the U.S. Justice Department recently found that … Continue reading

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