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Churches embrace ultimate fighting because women are sissies?

I’ve mentioned churches using fights to generate interest in their ministries a time or two but it’s never occurred to me to wonder why they’d be going that route in the first place. A theory is presented by a pastor … Continue reading

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Billy Graham and the one-sided view of spirituality

Yeah, it’s that (impossible to predict) time again, where I find a letter to Billy Graham and share my thoughts about his so-called advice. DEAR BILLY GRAHAM: Someone loaned me a book that says that if you strongly believe something … Continue reading

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You can’t be angry with something that doesn’t exist

I came across an article this morning featuring information about a recent study done by psychologist Julie Exline at Case Western Reserve University. She was researching anger towards god when bad shit happens. Quoting from Business Week: Exline’s study analyzed … Continue reading

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Not Christians against Yoga again!

Flashback to last October… Run, Christians. Run away! Be scared of a fitness program because you’re a superstitious loony screwed up melonhead! Faster! Be limber! Dive! Twist! Contort your way away from Satan’s reach! Oh wait..you’re not bendy enough to … Continue reading

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“You have a meaningful life when you live a symbolic life…”

Apparently labyrinths have seen an increase in popularity — not those tipsy marble maze boxes, but the people-sized ones that can be walked around while contemplating life, the universe and everything. It must be true; the Denver Post says so. … Continue reading

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More about syncretism

From Christianity Today about the Nigerian preacher and the chopped off head found in his possession, they quote Benjamin-Lee Hegeman, a former missionary to West Africa: “Some people call it syncretism, but it may be more like dual religious allegiance, … Continue reading

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The “religious landscape” might be changing…

but it’s still really rocky and in some locations, likely insurmountable. But, are people who’ve turned to Yoga and away from their Christian faiths riding bulldozers? Garrett Sarley might think he does. Sarley grew up Episcopalian, then was drawn to … Continue reading

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