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Sounds of Sunday: Mississippi Hoo Doo Man

I wound up looking up what exactly Hoo Doo is. That turned out to be a huge question answered very effectively by catherine yronwode and her piece entitled HOODOO, CONJURE, and ROOTWORK: AFRICAN AMERICAN FOLK MAGIC. She hits all the … Continue reading

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Yes, Newsweek should have not titled their piece “Sam Harris believes in God”

It’s tricky wordplay and not fair to the mindset Harris is trying to describe. Harris’s true obsession, then, is not God but consciousness, the idea that the human mind can be taught—trained, rationally—to be more loving, more generous, less egocentric … Continue reading

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Pink Ouija boards are tacky, but dangerous?

Only if you get clubbed in the head with one. Otherwise they’re just lame games that can freak out your friends during sleepovers. Still, Fox sees fit to make them news anyway. It’s designed for young girls ages 8 and … Continue reading

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