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Nibiru? Try “no”biru…

Nibiru keeps cropping up as an idea of a world killer, specifically our world. Researcher David Meade Meade predicted in his book Planet X – The 2017 Arrival, the mythical system would be visible in our skies from September 23. … Continue reading

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Who can #gogetthosegeckos ?

Cripes.. I only get to see the bits that make it to Youtube. What’s the rest of his show like? Poor geckos. Poor adorable geckos. Poor sex-hungry lost in space geckos… I won’t contact Russia about this but I’m curious … Continue reading

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Astronomy night was a bit of a bust

It was the cloud cover that let everyone down last night out at Sleaford Observatory. My friends and I also had an invite to join another friend for a rib night back in the city so we decided to leave … Continue reading

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And 7% of survey takers pick wrong answers on purpose…

I’m just making that stat up, but I hope that’s the reason a recent survey in E&T Magazine reports that eleven people of 1009 surveyed thought the first guy on the moon was Buzz Lightyear. Eight more thought Louis Armstrong … Continue reading

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Saskatchewan’s little meteorite is not camera shy

Nice to see pictures of the meteor rock at scale. CBC’s report just had the rock in the mud with no way to tell big the piece is. From The National Post: Master’s student Ellen Milley was travelling with meteorite … Continue reading

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