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Atheist Scruples: the alibi

Today’s scenario: A good friend is having an extramarital affair. S/he asks you to provide an alibi. Do you? Short answer, I wouldn’t want to have to lie to anyone. I suck as a liar. I’d need to ask a … Continue reading

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Why focus on sins of homosexuality?

T.J. Facto asks a pertinent question: I am not a Biblical scholar, nor a professor of constitutional law. It’s rare when I can resolve my own struggle between a society’s right to determine acceptable behavior and citizens’ civil liberties. Looking … Continue reading

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Philosophy in the Community takes on morality tonight

Professor Emer O’Hagan will be asking, “Do We Lack Moral Character?” If you’re in or around Saskatoon and want to take this in, the talk starts at 7pm, St. James Church basement (by The Refinery), 609 Dufferin Ave. More information … Continue reading

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Knowledge vs spectacle

Alternet ran a good piece recently about the media circus and the price viewers will pay by believing everything they see (breaks added). Mass entertainment plays to the basest and crudest instincts of the crowd. It conditions us to have … Continue reading

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I put a hold on “Crazy Like Us” just now

I heard an interview on the radio with the author this morning. I’d seen the book go by at work and thought it looked interesting. Hearing Ethan Watters talk about his book and what he was coming across while writing … Continue reading

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The “self-absorbed view of divine will”

In a study that seems almost redundant, Canadian researchers took the results from two U.S. surveys regarding people and their faith in god and came to the (quite obvious) conclusion that many Americans are deluded habitually giving god credit for … Continue reading

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Research proves it, tv is “detrimental”

What is it now, you ask? A recent study into parents, toddlers, and attentiveness has led to expected results. Science Daily includes the journal information at the bottom of their report on it for those interested in seeking the whole … Continue reading

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Did playing nice games make me nice…

or do I choose nice games because I’m naturally nice? A couple things triggered this pondering, one being an article in the Economist last month, and the other being an article on Cracked.com about a writer and his insanly hilarious … Continue reading

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Children are targets of bullies for all kinds of reasons…

… so was it really a surprise to find out that religious kids aren’t immune to it? One in four children are bullied because of their faith, a study has found, as the Tories criticised local authorities for not expelling … Continue reading

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