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Today’s Found on Facebook – the princess effect

Lots of articles about it now but I’ll use the Time one I saw first: A new study from Brigham Young University found that engaging with Disney princess culture could make young children more susceptible to gender stereotypes. The small … Continue reading

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Quotable Friendly Atheist

At least, Muhammad Syed, quoted on Friendly Atheist: There will never be reform or improvement if you are unwilling to even hear out ideas that are threatening to your beliefs. The complete lack of introspection, self-criticism, and demands for improvement … Continue reading

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Quotable comment: help the poor (somehow) with Jesus

This comment was left on a post recently but it has nothing to do with the post itself so instead of replying with a comment there, I made a new post to share my thoughts on it. Help the poor … Continue reading

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Arab ambassador gets wedding punk’d

Sorry, I couldn’t think of anything more sensible for a headline. But he did get a bit of a surprise when the beautiful woman he thought was under all that fabric turned out to be someone entirely different – a … Continue reading

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Went to see Metropolis last night…

…and when I say “went” I mean I sat in the refurbished Roxy theater in downtown Saskatoon to watch the film as twenty members of the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra played the 1927 score for it. That was a very neat … Continue reading

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District 9 hits too close to home for South Africans

It recently opened to film goers in the country it’s based around. District 9 is really a piece of social commentary. It portrays modern post-apartheid South Africa, with all the modern trappings of normal suburban life for a select few, … Continue reading

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What would blue eyes have to do with being a good girl!?

It’s called The Curse of the Good Girl. When given the opportunity to discuss what they thought were traits of “good” girls, middle year students came out with a range of ideals ranging from obvious answers like good grades, confidence, … Continue reading

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