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Lacking other ideas, more Billy Graham

Maybe I should do an all call for topic ideas and let readers post suggestions on things I should look up and write about. Sometimes I’m kind of at a loss. Do some thinking, readers, and get back to me. … Continue reading

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Yes, but the Maori weren’t always Christian…

Prior to 1769, they faithfully followed the beliefs and traditions of their ancestors. They’re only Christian now because European explorers wound up there and radically changed their lives and the course of their future. The “focal role of Christian faith … Continue reading

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ChristWire writer wants to buy a Canadian?

First, quoting from Amber in all her (hopefully) satirical glory. First there’s a bit of a tirade about Mexicans and then: Thinking about this, one thing popped into my mind. Why can’t I own a Canadian? Think about it. Racism … Continue reading

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Should ethnocentrism be celebrated?

Yesterday gaytheist wrote a piece about Columbus reaching the island he renamed San Salvadore and his reaction to the locals. Rather than treat them as individuals worth understanding, he sought to enslave them and make Christians out of them. He … Continue reading

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