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Anecdotal evidence is only evidence of anecdotes

“Thousands of miracles” reads part of the CBC headline: Oleskiw opened a prayer centre in her home in 2007, but the origins of that effort date from many years before that. In 1976, Oleskiw was a journeyman carpenter — the … Continue reading

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Lacking other ideas, more Billy Graham

Maybe I should do an all call for topic ideas and let readers post suggestions on things I should look up and write about. Sometimes I’m kind of at a loss. Do some thinking, readers, and get back to me. … Continue reading

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Quotable article about heaven

From the Independent: But even if you set aside the absence of even the tiniest thread of evidence, there is a great conceptual hole at the heart of heaven – one that has gnawed at even its fondest believers. After … Continue reading

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“Born to believe in God” is a misleading headline

What they really mean is that human beings are born with the ability to believe in illogical supernatural things, including the belief that getting an organ donation from a murderer is going to make you become a murderer. The idea … Continue reading

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