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Atheist Scruples: And Bingo was his name-o

Today’s question: You need one number to win the jackbot at BINGO. A stranger next to you also needs one and it has been called. Do you tell her? This edition of A Question of Scruples came out in 1986, … Continue reading

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“Don’t blame God for world’s heartaches”

Rev. Jeff Barnes of Newsong Fellowship Church has a piece in his local paper with the same title and it’s worth some comments from this peanut gallery. The question that inevitably surfaces is, “Why doesn’t God keep all these bad … Continue reading

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New bodies await us in heaven? How could Billy Graham know that?

Here’s the question this time around: I’m confused, because on Easter our pastor said that not only will our souls go to be with God, but we’ll also be given new bodies in heaven. Is this in the Bible? Why … Continue reading

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Billy Graham and the one-sided view of spirituality

Yeah, it’s that (impossible to predict) time again, where I find a letter to Billy Graham and share my thoughts about his so-called advice. DEAR BILLY GRAHAM: Someone loaned me a book that says that if you strongly believe something … Continue reading

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I like this headline: “Caught between God and Gomorrah”

It’s out of the National Post regarding a court case in Saskatchewan that involves religious marriage commissioners and whether or not they can use that excuse to refuse to perform gay marriages. Short answer, they can’t. Gay rights always trump … Continue reading

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Gay Mormons have it rough

..um.. maybe I should rethink that title. That winds up sounding kinkier than I intended. But I’m sure it got your attention, which is a good thing because an article I read focused on the fact that gays are treated … Continue reading

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Have you missed Billy Graham? Me neither..

Still, I felt compelled to see what tripe he replied to lately because I’m craving a desire to mock something. If Jesus rose from the dead (which I gather Christians believe happened), then where is he now? Could he be … Continue reading

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