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Atheist Scruples: the returns policy

I’ve never done this. You buy a jacket for a special occasion. After wearing it once, you have little use for it. Do you return it for a refund? I don’t buy it if I don’t have intention to wear … Continue reading

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Because there aren’t enough actual issues to be pissed off about?

Apparently. Urban Outfitters had the “audacity” to feature Ganesh on a blanket and now we must be upset about that. Who cares about the starving, the abused, the killed for religion? Ganesh is featured on a kitchy fucking blanket… Rajan … Continue reading

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I’d rather be a “Flying Spaghetti Monster Slapper”

Via a blogger at the New York Times I learn a new phrase: Fish Slapper. It’s used to describe those who use religion in their advertising of products and services. The inevitable question gets asked: do they invoke religious iconography … Continue reading

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Christian crank gets cockeyed over Christmas shopping

Apparently Toronto is in the midst of mayor selection and Giorgio Mammoliti, one of the candidates, is a devout Catholic who was incensed at a recent debate over holiday shopping – specifically a proposal brought forth that would allow retailers … Continue reading

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Is Wal-Mart killing Christian book retailers?

Maybe it’ll seem odd, but I’m on the Christian bookseller side of this thing. Walmart is a growing shit stain in a retail world already full of crap. The crap involved in this case is Sarah Palin’s self-gratifying brag book, … Continue reading

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Flyer Friday – the “for lack of better ideas” edition

Haven’t done one of these for a while, but since I’m procrastinating a serious clean of my living room, why not? When I opened my Zellers credit bill (I owe nothing! Hooray!) a pile of refuse dropped out of the … Continue reading

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Quotable holiday related comic

If a comic can be quoted… (See more Chuck & Beans.) This always bugs me, too. When I worked at Walmart, the crowds were seldom loud enough to entirely drown out the shitty ass Walmart Radio. My only joy was … Continue reading

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Have you met my big brother, Credit Card Company?

Steve Salerno wrote a piece on his SHAM blog, Attention Walmart Shoppers, which caught my attention. I’m not a Wal-mart shopper, but the article he mentioned might be interesting to anyone who is a bargain hunter on a budget and … Continue reading

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Have you preordered Dan Brown’s latest?

I’m not going to bother, but it’s coming out in September – five million copies of it. A letter came to our library regarding his new one, called The Lost Symbol. They’re going to treat it like the publishers did … Continue reading

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Technology makes me feel dumb

So, I’ve had a cell phone in my possession since, let’s see, 1999. I’ve only owned three in my life, one with a few games already on it to replace the original analog phone when I could no longer keep … Continue reading

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