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Atheist Scruples: the swingers edition

I think that’s what it’s called, anyway.. I’m so unhip. Your free-spirited mate wants you to participate in partner-switching with another couple you know. Do you agree to try the arrangement? I’m flashing back to the days of internet chat … Continue reading

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Linkskrieg (Final pass)

(She says that now, but who knows…) 1. Is this the face of God in a mixing bowl? Ruth Davis walked into her kitchen and noticed the image on the side of the bowl after her son Paul had used … Continue reading

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If Jesus was a hermaphrodite…

nobody saw fit to mention it, sadly. Sexuality got a few mentions in the bible but not that kind of thing. Does that matter? In some circles, hell yes. Dr Susannah Cornwall claimed that it is “simply a best guess” … Continue reading

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Birth control in a university vending machine? Why not?

$25 a pop for Plan B, the morning after pill, seems a bit steep for the heavily sexually active university student, but if condoms are also offered at least someone could potentially plan ahead. A university in Pennsylvania hit the … Continue reading

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“Don’t be that guy!” ads target offenders not victims

Rebecca Watson’s “Elevator Guy” debacle over the summer highlighted a problem women and men need to deal with, not just in atheist circles but across our communities. I just learned this week that there’s an anti-rape ad campaign going on … Continue reading

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Reminder: it’s Banned Book Week

Usually I’m more on the ball when it comes to book issues and support for abolishing censorship of the printed word. The American Library Association has a list of the top 100 banned or challenged books for the past decade, … Continue reading

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Is there any bible story porn or would that be too kinky even for them?

I’m thinking of Sodom and the angels right now and Lot’s suggestion that the men of town should sleep with his daughters instead of offending his guests. And then the other part of the story later where the daughters get … Continue reading

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