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A question of Scruples – sexy time edition (Valentine’s Day, natch)

Pulling from the ’90s edition for these two relationship scenarios: From your window you notice a couple in a nearby apartment making love. Later, when you see them on the street, do you suggest they draw their blinds? Fuck me.. … Continue reading

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back in time to 2007 – purity balls

had a livejournal long before wordpress and have a folder on this computer with some of the writing i did on it: I wouldn’t find out about this stuff if it weren’t for FARK. This from yesterday for example. I … Continue reading

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Morality Movie Monday – Twin Peaks: fire walk with me

True, it’s Tuesday, but we watched this last night, finally. And before I get to the thoughts about it: The song is created by Marjen, my dear Hubs, called “Waldo the Bird is Dead” — part of a “Prequel of … Continue reading

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Question of Atheist Scruples – real life edition

An ex reaches out with this suggestion — what would you think of donating sperm? A bit of anonymous backstory — Relationships can be complicated and long lasting, even if the participants aren’t really in each other’s social circles anymore. … Continue reading

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Question of Atheist Scruples – it’s not you, it’s me

The question: Your mate is very sensitive about his (her) performance in bed. Lately, you haven’t been very aroused. Do you act as though you are? I don’t want to be bringing my own bedroom into this like Homer giving … Continue reading

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Another priest, another porn charge

This time in Canada: ICE forensic analysts are currently in the process of analyzing a number of computer and mobile devices that were seized. “Dozens” of hand-drawn images, which under the Criminal Code are classified as child pornography, have been … Continue reading

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Atheist Scruples: the swingers edition

I think that’s what it’s called, anyway.. I’m so unhip. Your free-spirited mate wants you to participate in partner-switching with another couple you know. Do you agree to try the arrangement? I’m flashing back to the days of internet chat … Continue reading

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“Why are you in jail?” “I posed for a picture with Jesus…”

“… and made it look like oral sex.” It’s totally immature, but is it worth criminalizing him for it? A Pennsylvania teenager is facing criminal charges after posting pictures to Facebook of him simulating a sex act with a statue … Continue reading

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Atheist Scruples: Let’s talk about sex, maybe…

You have adolescent children. An out-of-town friend is visiting with her new boyfriend. Do you let your guests sleep together? This is a two bedroom duplex so no. The kid has one room, we have the other. Any guests have … Continue reading

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Quotable sexpert

Sex related question…

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