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A search for Billy Graham leads to Cliff Richard and sex abuse

I usually just find the advice column he still has at the Kansas City Star but today, something a little less fun to read. This from the Guardian the other day: A police raid on a home owned by Cliff … Continue reading

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Sexual assault scandal hits religion TV – again

The Trinity Broadcasting Network is under fire at the moment on account of a lawsuit going on. It involves a granddaughter of the network’s founders. Carra Crouch, age 19, is claiming she was raped by a 30 year male employee … Continue reading

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Former Saskatoon priest charged with sexual abuse

CBC Radio 1 mentioned 89 year old William Hodgson Marshall this morning so I went hunting for more information. From CBC I learn he’s in custody in Kingston, Ontario and awaiting trial: Marshall was a priest, basketball coach and mathematics … Continue reading

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Weighing in on a sexism issue

There’s been a discussion/airing of grievances going on regarding a recent panel discussion at an atheist conference and the treatment of women there and elsewhere. Things got testy after some suggestions were made about women and men, and how each … Continue reading

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Jesus Onetouch jailed, human rights advocates thrilled

Onetouch (real name Nana Kofi Yirenkyi) made headlines last year after accusations that he’d slept with his daughter, who was 10 at the time. The congregation of the church he founded, Jesus Blood Prophetic Ministries at Oblogo, Ghana, filled the … Continue reading

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Lest my atheist blogger status get revoked, a post on topic

But what topic? I suppose could write about impotent prayer tactics, like the government requesting that everyone beg for supernatural aid to the continued BP gushing oil crisis. The Freedom from Religion Foundation already tore a strip out of people … Continue reading

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Polish film “Mall girls” sparks debates over morals and consumerism

The New York Times has an article about the film by Katarzyna Roslaniec and the teenage girls tarting around the shops looking for sugar daddies, or whatever they’d be called in Polish. She got to know some of these girls … Continue reading

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